We offer 24/7 premium level call center services. Circle5 has made a name in the call center industry providing premier level customer service & call center outsourcing for Fortune 500 companies looking for a scalable resource that can help grow their teams without breaking the budget, offering world-class, cost-effective contact center options to service their customers.

Circle5’s dedicated Implementation team will work directly with you through every step of the process until your program goes live. We can handle any project regardless of timeframe or complexity.


Multi-Lingual, Experience

Circle5 provides round-the-clock, multi-lingual coverage across two geographically diverse call center, delivered across multiple channels, including live phone agents, interactive voice response (IVR), email and online/mobile web support.


Highly Trained, Knowledgeable Live Customer Service Agents

Circle5’s live customer service representatives (CSRs) are well educated (90% have a university degree), continually upskilled and deeply conversant in customer service.


Proven, Tangible Results

Circle5 has a proven track record of meeting key customer service performance objectives, including reducing average service time (AST), reducing abandon rates and increasing first call resolution (FCR) rates.


We Plan Our Work, and Work Our Plan

The implementation process begins with a Kick Off meeting, where our project team works with you to set the project scope, finalize your use cases, and identify key stakeholders.


Sales Services for Accelerated Growth

“From strategy to execution. We offer sales services that drive sustainable growth for start-ups and mid-market firms.”


Sales & Business Development Services

“Jump-start your sales programs to create momentum and achieve sustainable growth”


Sales Strategy & Program Development

“Don’t have a sales program? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.”


The “build it (product) and they (customers) will come” mentality is unreliable and should only be utilized in the Field of Dreams. Growth occurs only with the proper mix of product, positioning, and sales; however, start-ups and struggling mid-market firms often lack the experience, necessary to build a successful sales program.

Circle 5 has built a number of successful sales programs, from strategy to execution, and we pride ourselves on the results that we have generated for our clients.


Business Development Services

“Finding exceptional sales talent is hard… So it’s a good thing you’ve already found us.”


Statistically, only one out of five sales hires will be successful unless you have a great deal of experience hiring, mentoring, and training salespeople. At an early stage, it is unwise for a company, without significant experience and capacity in this area, to spend their time hiring entry level or mid-tier business development managers.

Circle 5’s inside sales team is comprised of proven sales professionals with experience across a number of different markets. Rather than invest the time, money, and energy into growing your own sales team, choose Circle 5’s business development services to get you and your product in front of prospective buyers.


Sales Management, Training & Mentoring

”So you already have a sales team. Great. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.”


According to experts, it takes 10,000 hours to truly master a task. Although we agree with it, we don’t expect you to wait that long for your sales team to start producing real results.

The sales experts at Circle 5 have invested tens of thousands of hours into their sales strategies and tactics, and are capable of catapulting existing sales teams to the next level of selling. Our sales team offers training, mentoring, and coaching at a variety of levels – from the C-Suite down to entry level sales representatives. Don’t wait 10,000 hours for your team to become sales masters. Start building momentum right now!


Marketing Services That Create Leverage

Building and executing sustainable marketing programs that generate, nurture, and convert leads.


Inbound Marketing

“Attract. Convert. Close. Repeat.”


Circle5 believes inbound marketing is the best way to scale a marketing and sales effort. A successful inbound marketing program drives website visits from prospects that meet your targeted buyer personas, educates them on your organization and product, and converts them into qualified leads and ultimately customers – while ensuring a desirable (and trackable) ROI for your marketing spend.

With an emphasis on content creation, personalization, life-cycle marketing, and multi-channel distribution, the Circle5 team allows you to create exceptional marketing leverage that drives business growth.


Awareness and Lead Generation

“No billboard needed. Spread your message and grow your database organically.”


Both start-ups and mid-market firms that struggle to grow usually do so because they lack sustainable lead generation programs. Transactional marketing campaigns can create spikes in lead volume, but in order to truly experience growth, organizations must create a consistent lead generation machine.

Circle5 excels at building lead generation programs that not only increase lead volume and pipeline growth, but do so in a cost-efficient manner.


Marketing Automation

“Keep the flywheel moving. Automate processes, nurture leads, and engage with your contacts.”


Marketing is hard. We know that, and that’s why we build marketing automation programs that help nurture leads and spark engagement opportunities with potential customers. Marketing automation is what keeps the flywheel moving; and what helps convert new leads into qualified leads, and ultimately into sales. Leverage automation programs for both internal and external messaging, and help keep your prospects connected with your organization.

You work hard to generate leads. Now it’s time to get automation working for you.